Water/Wastewater Department

Water System

The City of Roseau provides water which is pumped from 3 wells on the west end of Roseau. The water is chlorinated before being filtered for iron, manganese and other metals and impurities in the city's treatment facility located on 18th Avenue SW. The water is then pumped into two elevated water storage tanks, one located on 110 3rd Avenue SW and the second is located on 11th Avenue NE. These tanks provide water pressure to over 5 miles of mains from 4" to 12" in diameter. The city water wells, towers, and treatment plant are all tied into a single computer monitoring system. This system monitors the water tower levels, pumping rates and treatment output.

City staff maintain the entire water system including monitoring well pumping rates, monitoring treatment processes, testing water purity and providing results to state agencies, monitoring elevated tower water levels, repairing water mains, repairing and testing water hydrants, and installing and reading water meters.

Water suppliers that serve the same people year-round must prepare annual water quality reports (consumer confidence reports) for their customers. The first reports were due by October 1999, and from now on they will come out July of each year.  The reports tell where drinking water comes from, what's in it, and how you can help protect it.  The water reports are provided below.

Sanitary Sewer System

The City of Roseau provides a sanitary sewer collection system consisting of over 5 miles of gravity feed collection mains from 6" to 15" in diameter. The City also employs 8 lift stations and force mains in the sanitary sewer system. City sewage is treated in a sanitary lagoon treatment facility located approximately 2 miles northeast of the city limits. The facility can treat up to 650,000 gallons of sewage per day in its 2 primary stabilization ponds and one secondary stabilization pond. After being treated water is released into the County Road 28 roadway ditch and ultimately into Hay Creek and the Roseau River.

City staff maintain the entire sanitary sewer collection and treatment system including monitoring pond levels and testing effluent for state standards, as well as monitoring, cleaning and repairing the city's 8 sanitary lift stations. In addition staff clean and maintain the gravity sanitary sewer collection mains by utilizing a jetting machine in the sewer lines and repairing breaks.