Street Department

Street Maintenance

The City of Roseau provides year-round maintenance over 5 miles of local streets and boulevards including: snow removal, street cleaning & sweeping, street patching & sealing, street signing and marking, curb & catch basin repair and replacement, road grading, mowing, tree trimming and other various maintenance tasks.

Snow Removal & Snow Emergencies

Snow Removal:  The City of Roseau performs snow removal from City Streets, Public Parking Lots, and the Roseau Municipal Airport.  Snow emergencies are declared anytime more than 1/2" of snow has fallen or there is a forecast for more than 1/2" of snow.  All vehicles must be removed from city streets and parking lots until such time as the streets are fully clear from curb to curb.  Any vehicles left on city streets will be ticketed and towed at the owners expence, without warning.

It should be noted that occasionally the city plows will clear only a narrow opening on streets to get them open, and crews will return to later clear streets back to the curb after all snow emergency routes are open.  No vehicles are allowed back on the streets until they are completely clear.  Snow removal activities begin at 2:00 am following a snowfall event. The City advises all residents to identify off-street parking locations for snow emergency periods.

Residents are also reminded that boulevards are needed for snow storage in the winter and that snow removal activities can cause damage to any items placed in the boulevards such as light poles, plantings, trees, sports equipment, and lawn ornaments.  Please do not place anything in the boulevards that you do not want damaged by snow removal activities.