Sanitation Department

Solid Waste Collection

The City of Roseau owns and operates two garbage trucks for the purpose of providing residential and commercial garbage collection in the City of Roseau. All residents are provided curb-side garbage collection once a week based on established routes

Holidays - If your regular collection day falls on a holiday, garbage collection will occur on the next weekday following the holiday. 

Commercial businesses are also provided with on-site garbage collection. The city makes available for rent dumpsters for large business garbage collection. Garbage is brought to the Roseau County Transfer Station for disposal.


Garbage Pick-Up Rules

  • Containers must be no larger than 32 gallons and have tight fitting lids or drain holes in the bottom to allow rain to flow through the container.
  • Filled containers cannot weigh over 50 pounds.
  • All garbage must be bagged prior to being placed in a container at the curb to avoid loose and blowing garbage items during collection.
  • No batteries, paint, chemicals, flourescent light bulbs or other hazardous waste shall be placed in residential garbage collection.  These must be taken to a hazardous household waste collection site (the County provides periodic collection of these items)
  • No oil or tires shall be placed in residential garbage collection, these items must be brought to an oil or tire recycler (check with local auto repair/parts suppliers for recycling)
  • No construction materials or debris shall be placed in residential garbage collection, these items must be brought to the County Transfer Station's demolition landfill site.
  • No appliances, TV's or monitors shall be placed in the city's garbage collection, these items must be brought to the County Transfer Station for recycling and disposal. 
  • No leaves, brush or other yard waste shall be placed in the city's garbage collection, these items can be brought out to the compost site located one mile north of Geroy's Building Center on County Road 28 next to the city sewage lagoons.  The compost site is open on Tuesdays, weather permitting.  No trash bags or other non-degradable items shall be left at the site.
  • #1 and #2 Plastic bottles & containers; aluminum and tin cans; newspaper, magazines, and telephone books should be brought to the Mar/Kit recycling bins for recycling.


Mar/Kit Recycling Program
Roseau County contracts with Mar/Kit to operate a countywide recycling program, in which the City participates. Recycling is a vital component of any comprehensive solid waste program because it reduces unnecessary waste going into landfills. Large blue recycle bins are placed across the county for the collection of recyclable items. Roseau’s recycle bins are located next to the Roseau County Courthouse at the intersection of MN Hwy 89 and 6th Street SW. Recycling materials means less waste and a longer life for our existing landfills. Additionally, recycled materials save energy and raw materials ultimately benefiting our environment. The Mar/Kit recycling program provides advantages to city residents beyond being environmentally friendly due to the fact that taking all recyclable items out of city garbage collection lowers the volume and cost of garbage going into the landfill. Ultimately this translates into lower residential garbage rates for homeowners and businesses.

Items accepted in the Mar/Kit bins include:

  • PLASTIC: Containers, bottles and jugs with recyclable labels #1 (PETE/PET) & #2 (HDPE) only
  • ALUMINUM/TIN: Cans only
  • PAPER: Newspaper and telephone books (remove front & back covers) only
  • MAGAZINES: Glossy paper magazines

All items placed in the bins should be cleaned with any foreign materials removed.  Do not place plastic bags in non-plastic bins. Items placed in the bins that contain materials not accepted will contaminate entire loads. Therefore, the city asks that anyone using the recycle bins place only accepted items into the bins. Mar/Kit recycle bins are not a substitute for garbage collection.


Spring Clean Up
Spring clean up is held in early May.  The compost site will be open all week for residents to deposit leaves, brush, and other yard wastes.  Appliances will be accepted at the City Shop on Center Street W. for a nominal fee.  Scrap metal is accepted for no fee.  Hazardous waste materials will not be accepted.  These items should be taken to the County hazardous waste collection event held in August.  Call 463-2351 for more information.