Roseau Police Department

The Roseau Police Department is a full-time force that provides 24-hour patrol the city limits enforcing laws, providing assistance, and responding to emergencies and 911 calls.

The police department also serves as the lead in civil defense actions and preparations of emergency operations plans (EOPs) for natural, chemical, biological, and war disasters. The city police force, with assistance from county, state and federal agencies also investigate crimes within the Roseau area.

The City police force also participates in intervention programs to help prevent criminal behavior through such programs as DARE which is performed through the Roseau School System.




Keep prescription drug out of the wrong hands by utilizing the Roseau Police Department Rx Drop Box for all unused or unneeded prescription drugs.  The Roseau PD Rx Drop Box is a safe, secure and environmentally friendly option for the disposal of unneeded prescription drugs.  Residents are encouraged to dispose of all old prescription drugs and syringes at the RPD Rx drop box.  Contact the Roseau PD for more information.  The Rx Drop Box is available during regular business hours. 



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