Planning Commission

In the 1970's the City of Roseau established zoning and land use regulations for the community.  The Roseau Planning Commission was charged with overseeing development proposals, hearing variance and conditional use requests from the public.  All issues related to land subdivision, zoning, land use and architectural review are brought to the Planning Commission for review and recommendation to the Roseau City Council.  The Roseau Building Official, Community Development Coordinator assist the Planning Commission to carry out the daily administrative duties of the board and City Council.

Planning Commission Members

  • Dan Krings - Chair
  • Nathan Voll
  • Bruce Stone
  • Sarah Klint
  • David Anderson
  • Rebecca Rosenkranz
  • Shane McFarlane

City Council Liaison

  • Amy Bassingthwaite 

City Staff

  • Todd Peterson, Community Development Coordinator
  • Cody Vonasek, Law Enforcement Official
  • Kade Paulson, Building Official
  • Brad Bail, Building Official
  • Michelle Moren, City Attorney