Roseau Municipal Airport

The City of Roseau owns and operates a general transportation airport 2 miles east of the City Limits on Minnesota Trunk Highway 11. Aircraft as large as the Beechcraft KingAir-B100 can be accommodated on the 4,400 foot paved and lighted runway and taxiway. The airport provides a beacon and VOR/DME navigational aids and utilizes an AWOS weather information system. The City of Roseau undertakes operations and maintenance at the airport. Services available at the airport include flight planning/arrival/departure building, heated/non-heated hangar space, paved parking apron with tie-downs, 24-hour credit card operated aviation fuel (Jet A & 100LL), block-heater outlets, and two courtesy vehicles.  Courtesy vehicles are for pilot and air traveller transit to and from the City of Roseau only.

The airport is open to the general public for authorized aviation activities. The City of Roseau receives support from the State of Minnesota and the FAA for maintenance and construction projects at the airport.

For airport information or services contact the Roseau Airport Manager (not on site) at 218-689-0047 or or the City Utilities Department at (218) 463-3906 M-F from 7:30 am-4:00 pm.

For holiday and afterhours emergency airport service please contact the Roseau Police Officer on Duty through the Roseau Sheriff's Dispatch (218) 463-1421.

The Roseau Municipal Airport utilizes a WAAS/GPS approach on Runway 16/34.  MALSF approach lighting provided on Runway 16. 

Hangar Rental Rates (call for availability):

  • Daily Heated Hangar Rental Space: $20/day single engine personal aircraft and $50/day twin engine commercial aircraft (call for availability)
  • Daily Unheated T-Hangar Rental Space: $5/day (call for availability)
  • Unheated T-Hangar Rental Space: $70-80/mo. (One Stall Currently Available)

Aircraft Fuel:

  • Aircraft Fuel (Jet A and 100LL) are available 24-hours a day with credit card purchase. 



The City of Roseau completed a Master Plan and Airport Layout Plan for the Roseau Municipal Airport in 2018 an electronic master plan document is provided below.