In City Trails

Paved Trails - The City of Roseau maintains a network of approximately 12 miles of paved recreational trails for pedestrians, bicycles and other non-motorized recreational use.  The current trail system provides a basic loop around the city when combined with existing sidewalks and low volume streets.  A 4.5 mile dedicated paved multi-purpose non-motorized trail runs the full length of the East Diversion Flood Control Project.  This trail provides an opportunity to enjoy the scenic characteristics of the diversion greenway and wildlife watching amenities. The trail system is continually being expanded and improved to provide more dedicated recreational trails.

Single Track Mountain Bike Trails
 - A local Mountain Bike Club has created and maintains 6.5 miles of single track mountain bike trails in the Roseau East Diversion Greenway.  The "Mount Roseau" trail system provides flat and hilly terrain for both novice and experienced trail riders.  The Mount Roseau trailhead is located directly east of the Roseau City Park on the north side of the County Road 24 bridge.  Two aerial photos below show the location of the Mount Roseau trails.  Up to an additional 4 miles of single track trail is planned for completion in the fall of 2016 south of the Mount Roseau trail across the diversion channel.

Motorized Trails -The City of Roseau maintains designated routes for use of ATV's, snowmobiles and other off-road vehicles driving through the City.  ATV's are legal to drive on all County and township roads in Roseau County. The City of Roseau has also created designate ATV/snowmobile trails and terrain park in the East Diversion Flood Control Project north of Minnesota Trunk Highway 11.  Below is a map of the areas open to ATV/snowmobile riding.


NOTE: ATVs are prohibited on all flood control levees, paved trails and mountain biking trails within the Diversion corridor.  Any unauthorized use of motorized vehicles on the top or sides of a flood control levee, single track mountain bike trials or on any paved trail is prohibited an punishable with fines.