New Resident Information

Welcome to Roseau, we are glad you chose us for your new home!  Roseau offers a high quality of life and is rich with opportunities for growth and enjoyment.  No matter where you are from Roseau feels like home!

Below is some information to help you in your transition:



  • Electricity - City of Roseau (M-F 7:30 am - 4:00 pm)  218-463-2351
  • Water & Sewer - City of Roseau (M-F 7:30 am - 4:00 pm)  218-463-2351
  • Natural Gas - Minnesota Energy Resources  (24-Hour Customer Service) 1-800-889-9508
  • Propane - Northern Resources Cooperative (M-F  8:00 am to 5:00 pm)  218-463-1836
  • Telephone Service - CenturyLink  877-862-9343, Sjobergs Cable TV  800-828-8808, or NorthStream Fiber 218-463-1543
  • Internet Service - CenturyLink  877-862-9343, Sjobergs Cable TV  800-828-8808, NorthStream Fiber 218-463-1543, or Wiktel Communications 218-436-2121
  • Cable TV -  Sjobergs Cable TV  800-828-8808 or NorthStream Fiber 218-463-1543
  • DISH/Direct TV - Frank's TV  218-463-3900
  • Cellular - Verizon - Russell Cellular 218-463-3900
  • Garbage - Weekly Curbside Collection Call City of Roseau for date (M-F 7:30 am - 4:00 pm)  218-463-2351 
  • Recycling - Roseau County Voluntary recycling program (collection bins located on County Courthouse site - newpaper, magazines, plastic containers and aluminum/tin only)



Drivers Licensing Testing Station

  • Written tests offered weekly on Friday's in the Library Meeting Roseau of the Roseau City Center 121 Center Street E; Suite 100-06  (Schedule appointments online)  WRITTEN KNOWLEDGE TEST CAN ALSO BE TAKEN ONLINE
  • Driving tests offered weekly on Friday's in the Library Meeting Roseau of the Roseau City Center 121 Center Street E; Suite 100-06  (Schedule appointments online)

Drivers License Renewal/License Plates/Auto Registrations

  • Roseau License Bureau - 107 2nd Avenue NW  218-463-1816




  • LifeCare Medical Center - (Hospital, Emergency Room, Nursing Home, Ambulance Service, Physical Therapy)  218-463-2500
  • Altru Clinic - (Physicians & Medical Clinic)  218-463-1365
  • AMRG (Air Ambulance Service) - 701-772-0611


  • Center Street Dental Professionals  218-463-1070
  • Hallie Family Dentistry  218-463-2553
  • Roseau Dental Clinic  218-450-2944


  • Roseau Optometric Clinic  218-463-2020


  • Mattson Pharmacy 218-463-2465


  • Family Chiropractic 218-463-3880
  • Roseau Chiropractic 218-463-2992

Fitness Centers




  • All cats/dogs in the City of Roseau are required to be licensed.  Lifetime tags ($5) can be purchased at the Roseau Police Department 114 2nd Street NE  (218-463-3129)
  • Any loose or stray cats/dogs picked up by the Roseau Police Department are taken to the Roseau Pound (218-463-2300); if not retrieved within 5 business days the animal may be put down.
  • No more than 4 pets (cats and/or dogs) may be kept in one residence, unless licensed as a kennel
  • All dogs/cats must be kept on a leash or otherwise restrained from running-at-large within the city limits
  • No farm animals, including poultry, may be kept in the city limits


Pet Supplies/Kennel/Grooming



  • Headstart - Northwest Community Action 312 N Main Street, Badger, MN (218-528-3226)
  • Roseau School Readiness & Early Childhood Family Education - programming for pre-school children and parents to prepare for school and become involved with other children and families - Roseau Community School 509 3rd Street NE (218-463-6450)
  • Roseau Middle/High School (Grades 7-12) - 509 3rd Street NE  (218-463-2770)
  • Roseau Elementary School (Grades Pre-K - 6) - 509 3rd Street NE  (218-463-2746)
  • University of Minnesota Extension Office - Roseau - Free assistance with community resources  1307 3rd Street NE; Suite 102  (218-463-0291)
  • Northland Community & Technical College Satellite Office Roseau - Post Secondary educational options via web, ITV and in-person classes  121 Center Street E; Suite 205  
  • Childcare - Family childcare is available throughout Roseau County.  For more information on current openings consult the Roseau County website.  NOTE: When performing a provider search on the Childcare Aware website, narrow your search to within "5 miles" to bring local providers to the top of the search. 



Local public transit is provided by Paul Bunyan Transit Bus Service.  Call for ride reservations 218-463-3238 or toll-free 844-452-0407.  Please call 24-hours in advance.  EXACT change is required and dispatcher can provide other details on ride service.



The Roseau County Government Center is located at 501 5th Avenue SW (MN Hwy 89 South).  Services offered include: County Court, voter registration, social services, veteran's services, assessor, treasurer, recorder and auditing services.  Passports and marriage/birth certificates can be obtained from the county government center. 



The City of Roseau maintains an outdoor emergency siren for notification of severe weather.  A steady siren wail indicates severe weather and residents should seek indoor shelter immediately.  For residents that do not have basements or similar tornado shelters they should seek shelter at the Roseau City Center 121 Center Street E or Roseau Community School located at 509 3rd Street NE. Residents may also sign up for emergency weather alerts to their home or mobile device through the Roseau County Code Red alert system.  Residents should be aware that an intermittent siren wail is a summons of fire department personnel to an emergency call, please be aware of emergency vehicles and volunteer first responders during an intermittent siren wail.



A great opportunity for Roseau residents is visiting our Canadian neighbors.  Winnipeg, just 2 hours northwest of Roseau is home to nearly 1 million people and provides great recreational, cultural, arts, sports, and entertainment options.  Visiting Canada by car requires proper travel documents including any of the following: passport, passport card, enhanced drivers license, or NEXUS card.  Minor children can cross the border with only a birth certificate.  Minor children not accompanied by both parents into Canada should posses a letter from the non-travelling parent authorizing entry into Canada.  Visitors to Canada should be aware that firearms, fireworks, explosives, and certain plants, foods, and animals are prohibited and should not be brought into Canada, visitors are encouraged to contact Customs and Border Patrol with any concerns on items being transported into Canada (Canadian Customs / US Customs).  Duties can be imposed on items purchased in Canada and brought into the U.S.  Visitors are allowed up to $200 worth of merchandise duty free per person for visits under 48 hours (including 150 ml of alcohol and 10 cigars) for visitors over 48 hours they are allowed up to $800 worth of merchandise duty free per person including 1 liter of alcohol, 200 cigarettes, and 100 cigars. 


Local border crossings include:

  • Roseau Port of Entry (Operating Hours 8 am - 8 pm U.S. side and 8 am - 12pm Canadian side)
  • Warroad Port of Entry (Operating Hours  24 hours)
  • Pinecreek Port of Entry (Operating Hours 8 am - 5 pm)