Roseau Economic Development Authority

The Roseau Economic Development Authority was established by the Roseau City Council to direct economic development activities for the Roseau community.  The Roseau EDA is funded through on-going activities of the board such as loans, lease agreements, and land sales. The Roseau EDA also receives an annual subsidy from the City of Roseau for administrative expenses.

Roseau EDA Members

  • Tim Loven (Pres.), Banking Representative - Term 2024-2029
  • Jack Swanson (V-Pres.), At-Large Representative - Term 2021-2026
  • Jamie Simmons (Secretary-Treasurer), Banking Representative - Term 2022-2027
  • Tom Johnson, Industry Representative - Term 2023-2028
  • Kellie Roth, C&C Representative - Term 2020-2025
  • Dan Fabian, City Council Representative - Term 2019-2024
  • Pat Novacek, City Council Representative - Term 2019-2024

Roseau EDA Staff

  • Todd Peterson, Administrator
  • Sinnamon Krings, Promotions Director
  • Michelle Moren, EDA Attorney