2024 Registration Link https://roseauparksandrec.sportngin.com/register/form/396419028









General Rules and Information

  • Registration Opens April 15th ends May 13th

    1. The Season begins Monday June 3rd, 2024 6:00pm

    2. Game times are every Monday night at 6pm.

  • Eligibility

    1. Age Requirement 

      1. All Players must be at least 18 years of age as of the date the league starts.

      2. Using younger players will result in forfeiture and possible league suspension.

  • Entry Fee

    1. Entry fee is $50 per team.  

    2. fee is collected online through sports engine during the time of registration.

  • Rosters

    1. A roster can include a minimum of 8 players with a maximum of 14 players. 

    2. A player must be on the roster prior to playing.

    3. If a team wants to add players, it needs to be done during the regular season.  Once play-offs begin (i.e. following the last regular season game), rosters are frozen and no players may be added.  

    4. A team must have 8 players on the field to avoid forfeiture.  

      1. Late players will be added to the end of the batting order.

    5. A roster player may only play on one team.  

    6. Only players who have not played a single game may be removed from the roster.

  • Play-offs

    1. A play-off schedule will be distributed following all regular season games.  The schedule will be based off league standings through regular season play.  All team members must be on the roster for your last regular season game.  Everyone must have played at least 1 regular season game.

  • Smoking/Drinking

    1. Be responsible adults during game play.

  • Communications

    1. All team managers are responsible for relaying information to their teams.

    2. This includes game times, rosters, rules, post-season play, etc.

  • Children

    1. The league is developed for adults.  If you must bring your children to your game, they must be supervised by a non-playing adult at all times.  Players not adhering to this rule will not be permitted to participate in the league.


  • Valuables

    1. The City of Roseau is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Please leave valuables at home.

  • Inclement Weather

    1. In the event of inclement weather, Roseau Parks and Recreation will announce cancellations through the SPORTS ENGINE mobile app. Games will be rescheduled when it works for both teams, granted there is time allotted before play-offs begin.

  • Forfeits

    1. A team needs at least 8 players on the field to avoid forfeiture. 

  • Reporting Scores

    1. A scorebook will be provided by Roseau Parks and Recreation. 

  • The Play

    1. The team listed first is the home team and takes the field first.

    2. Play two 7 inning games against the same team.

    3. We do not have umpires.  Team that is hitting is required to make the calls as the ump.

      1. Please be fair and make the correct calls.

    4. There is a 10 run rule after 5 innings; 4 ½ if the home team is ahead.

  • Pitching

    1. We will play underhand, slow pitch softball.

    2. It must arc at 6 feet.

  • Hitting the Ball

    1. Only 4 homeruns are allowed per game.  Any over 4 result in the batter being out.

      1. A team may have up to 12 players in the batting order.

      2. Start with a 1-1 count. 

      3. Ball must be hit fair after having your 3rd strike or your out. 

  • Shoes

    1. No steel cleated shoes.