City Administrative Office

The Roseau City Administrative office is responsible for general administration of the day-to-day affairs of the City, subject to the policy direction of the City Council. The primary responsibility of this office is to assist the City Council in identifying policy priorities and to ensure that priorities established by the Council are addressed in an efficient and effective manner.

The Community Development Coordinator is the department head for this office and is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the City Council. The Community Development Coordinator serves the role of keeping the City Council appraised of matters dealing with general operations, finance, personnel, legislation, litigation, and other items of City business.

Among the major responsibilities of this office is preparation and administration of the city budget, keeping of all financial records of the city, and maintaining all official records of the city.

The Community Development Coordinator receives staff support from 1 employee in the administrative department, the City Clerk-Treasurer. The department is responsible for the City's finance and payroll system, personnel management, compliance with federal, state, and regional mandates; worker's compensation and risk management; budget and Capital Improvement Program development; public information; licensing and permits; elections; intergovernmental and legislative activities; contract administration; and administrative support.

City Administrative Staff

Public Information Requests
Requests for public information under the Government Data Practices Act, Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 13 are handled by the Roseau City Clerk's Office in accordance with State Law and the City of Roseau Data Practices Policies provided below for both general public information requests and requests for information by data subjects about themselves that may be held with the city.

All Public information requests must be submitted utilizing the forms provided below and should be submitted to the Roseau City Clerk's Office at 121 Center Street E; Suite 202, Roseau, MN 56751 either in-person or via 1st Class postal service or other parcel delivery service. Public information requests may also be provided via FAX to (218) 463-1252. However, due to cybersecurity risks the Roseau City Council adopted a policy as of April 1, 2024 that no unsolicited public information requests will be accepted via e-mail. All unsolicited public information requests with attachments received via e-mail will be deleted without being viewed.